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Smart Tracking System -GPS Tracking System-

Smart Tracking System『Vehicle One』
Real-time geographical position tracking and status monitoring

位置情報・車両 位置情報・車両 位置情報・車両

・Displays the current position of vehicle on map
・Check the work status of a driver
・Assign work instructions and progress management

Bus tracking system「Smart BTS」

  • Features

    • 位置情報の管理

      Tracking the current location and status in real-time

      Shows the location of the vehicle in the map in real-time

    • Viewing the nearby map, as well as searching for routes

      Select the route and view the nearby location map

    • Voice messaging

    • 作業の管理

      Task entry, instruction, and even progress management can be done with Vehicle One

      Task Visualization, by sharing of information between serviceman and operator

    • メッセージ送受信

      Vehicle One can also send messages

      Can contact the serviceman anytime.

    • 履歴表示の機能

      Business improvement by using records from business log

      By using the driving log of each vehicle, analysis from the notices such as day of week, time, task, serviceman can be done which will lead to business improvement. Also, daily report can be generated automatically.

    • その他の便利な機能
      Reminds the task schedule using alarm
      Depending on the client's need, classification of tasks and servicemen can be done
      Password will be set to every user for security purposes. Cuts off the access from unregistered device.
  • System Structure / Operating Environment

    • システム構成

      Smartphones, Tablet, or PC with GPS, and Internet environment.

    • 動作環境

      Vehicle One Application

        【Compatible device】

      • Smartphones or Tablets with Android2.2 above and GPS
      • iPhone/iPad

      ※ Google Chrome and Android is a registered trademark of Google, Inc.

      Bus position tracking management tool "Bus Tracking System"

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Smart BTS (Bus Tracking System)

Tracking the Location of a bus in real-time

Bus Tracking System バス 運行 位置管理 車両管理 動態管理 Bus Tracking System バス 運行 位置管理 車両管理 動態管理

Smart BTS(Bus Tracking System) keeps real-time tracking of the bus routes and status at the office and on Smartphone.

Real time vehicle tracking「Vehicle One」

  • Smart BTS (Bus Tracking System) Overview


    The bus information is updated constantly.

    Bus Tracking System

    Management Staff

    Keeps real-time tracking of the location at the office.

    Bus Tracking System


    Passengers/Commuters can check the current bus location and bus stop on the web browser screen on Smartphone or mobile phone.

    Bus Tracking System

    Examples - Common Use Cases

    • School bus for Kindergarden/ nursery school
    • Swimming school, sports gym
    • Driving school
    • Limousine
    • Airport Parking
    • Shuttle bus, etc.
  • Smart BTS (Bus Tracking System) Demo Websites

    Smart BTS (Bus Tracking System) Demo Websites

    • It enables to search and view the bus timetable when bus stop icon is pressed on Smartphone or PC.
    • The map can be scaled up and down via pinching on Smartphone.
    • Tap directly on the bus route select box, and select the desired bus route, then input the password "ubiq".

    PC, iPhone, iPad, Smartphone
    Mobile phone

    ※ Recommended browser: Google Chrome, or Firefox

  • Smart BTS (Bus Tracking System) - Sample Uses

    Bus Tracking System
  • Contact Us

    Ubiquitous Technologies welcome inquiries about our products, development plan. For more information, please contact us:

    Zip Code: 1230
    5/F King's Court Building I, 2129 Chino Roces Ave.
    Corner Dela Rosa Street, Makati City, Philippines
    TEL: (02) 728-1993 to 94 / FAX: (02) 751-1880
    MAIL: info@ubiquitous-tech.com

Company News
"New Value Creation Exhibition 2015" will be held on November 18, 2015 (Wednesday) ~ November 20, 2015 (Friday) at the Tokyo Big Site West 3, Hall 4. Deployment of optical equipment application technology and testing equipment for production that uses image analysis technology will be exhibited.
Ubiquitous Technologies has announced the tracking system "Beacon One". An indoor location monitoring system that uses "Bluetooth Low Enegy" (BLE) Technology. Sales of the Package System is from September 1, 2015. The service is provided by cloud server.
2015, June 17(Wednesday) - June 19(Friday), Image processing measurement system, TechMeasure series, TechVMU was displayed on "2015 West Japan Innovation of Manufacturing Technology" at West Japan General Exhibition Center in Kyushu Institute of Technology booth.
Ubiquitous Technologies Philippines Inc. will participate as a sponsor of the PSIA (Philippine Software Industry Association) in 2015 "Software Development Environment Exhibition (SODEC)". Please come on May 13(Wednesday) - May 15 (Friday) in the Phillippines booth at the Tokyo Big Sight.
Ubiquitous Technologies will start to sell the "Printing verification inspection equipment".
On April 1, 2015, Ubiquitous Technologies will begin to sell the "Tabletop image sizer 'UBIQ-TechVMU-500'" as the first product of "Techmeasure" series.
We would like to say thank you for visiting "'Technical Show Yokohama 2015'" at Pacifico Yokohama on February 4-6,2015. In particular, Printing inspection, Label inspection, Particle inspection, Scratch test, Dent inspection, Burr inspection, Error-proofing, Inquiries such as sheet inspection. On the other hand, we allowed suggestions such as ink jet printing inspection equipment and Area camera, visual inspection equipment in line sensor camera. In addition, we plan to sell such as "tabletop sizer" of low-cost version in the future.
Line sensor system / Tabletop Image Sizer was displayed on "Technical Show Yokohama 2015"
We will exhibit the Tabletop Image Sizer, appearance inspection apparatus according to the line sensor camera in "Technical Show Yokohama 2015" at Pacifico Yokohama from February 4-6, 2015.
July 17, 2014, Ubiquitous Technologies Inc. established "Kyushu Development Center" at Miyakogun, Fukuoka prefecture for the purpose of developing, manufacturing and marketing of FA Inspection Equipment. We could provide the most appropriate inspection equipment and system by our one-stop custom design that includes development, manufacturing, installation and even maintenance of equipment or system such as visual inspection system, image sizer equipment, manufacturing equipment, and production management system. Our image processing technology and visual inspection system using the optical device control technology accumulated by long-time experience could provide flexible customization depending on client's products and its production lines, from simple crack inspection to foreign object detection, aiming for better product quality.
Development of tabletop size measuring apparatus utilizing the image processing technology was adopted at 2013 fiscal correction small and medium-sized companies and small business manufacturing, commercial and service innovation business.
Ubiquitous Technologies Inc. and Clover Japon, Inc. released the software "Clover Chord Systems" windows version for master rhythm music and code.
Ubiquitous Technologies Inc. and (representative director Ishii Tatsuhiko) of Clover Japon Inc. have concluded the alliance of development and marketing of dedicated software "Clover Chord Systems" master rhythm notation and code notation.