Our Management

Board of Directors

Mr. Toshiharu Kai

President / CEO

Mr. Satoshi Azuma

Vice President

Mr. Keiichi Tanaka

Board Member

Toshiharu Kai   

President / CEO

He had a long-year experience in software development of mobile communication terminals. Since 1998, he had an extensive technical experience on project management, process improvement and originative development of various software development support tools as a project manager on software development for i-Mode cellular phones.

In year 2004, as the main in-charge to i-Mode cellular phone development group, he had headed the group to achieve CMM Level 4 on institutionalising the CMM practices into the software development process in which the certificate is awarded by CMU/SEI accredited lead assessors.

He is the editorial supervisor of the book "図解 よくわかるソフトウェア・ジャストインタイム".